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Flash Forward…

No, not the TV show (but I wish the show didn’t get cancelled though).

I just want to share some old and new pics that encapsulates how quickly our lives progress and how wonderful every single minute of it has been.

Starting off with the two kids, it’s cliché to say how time flies, but it’s even more amazing seeing how fast and how different they are now.


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Aikido 101 – From an Oldie's Standpoint

All right, I’m not that old (yet) but there comes a time when your mind no longer is in tune with your physical body. Guys like myself who used to be very active and decent with sports always has the mindset of being able to perform certain things, but the body is physically incapable of performing at that same level due to age, wear-and-tear, and bulge.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m determined to shed several percentage of my bodyfat and just be active again, for my own sake and for my family as well, and this week Yoki and I enrolled in an Aikido class near at our community center.


Yoki’s naturally excited to don a gi as he feels like he’s Ryu from Street Fighter. I am just as excited as this experience is quite new to me.

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